Sándor Zwack was born in 1974 in Florence. He studied in Hungary and then in the United States where he obtained his university degree. He worked for a wine importer in London and as brand manager of Unicum in Italy before he joined the Zwack Unicum Company in 2002. Today he is responsible for the Hungarian and international Superpremium brands and has launched the award winning Zwack Sandor Noble Palinka line of fruit distillates made from single strains of only the best quality fruit, some of which are also Erlelt or aged. in 2008, his father stepped down as Chairman of the Board in favour of his son, although he was to remain Honorary Chairman for the rest of his life. Already at the age of eight he showed signs of following in his father’s footsteps, as you can see by the drawing of the Unicum bottle on the lower shelf. Sandor is tri-lingual in Hungarian, English and Italian and has a good knowledge of German, French and Portuguese. Like his father he is a fanatic football fan.

He has two sons: Pedro and Máté.


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