On the top shelf the newspaper article marked 1 was published in the 15 March 1906 issue of the Független Magyarország [Independent Hungary] and states that the Zwack Company deservedly bears the title: Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court of Austria Hungary.
The photographs marked 2 on the middle shelf show the exterior of the distillery building at that time  and if you look out of the window you will see that they have not changed much over the centuries.  Almost two hundred different brands were produced in those days, although Unicum was to remain the most popular, the Company’s flagship brand.
The large piece of wood is from the original building and was allocated to  our museum during  restoration work in 2004.
Mark 4 shows one of the very first miniature bottles on the white ceramic tray on the lower shelf.  

The illustrated payment slips used in bars and restaurants at the beginning of the 1900’s were an effective and relatively cheap advertising tool and are increasingly rare collectors’ items today.  One side was blank where waiters totted up the bill while Company brands were artistically advertised on the back.

On the lower shelf marked 5, you can see  an illustrated price list  from 1912.


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