The Zwack company places great emphasis on sponsorship of the arts and sport as well as environmental and social causes. We have sponsored, among others, the Budapest Festival Orchestra, the   Olympic and World Champion Hungarian water-polo team and the popular ice-hockey team, Alba Volan, as well as the Experidance Ensemble, while for many years  our Company also sponsored the Opera Ball.

The Company believes strongly in furthering educational projects especially those aimed at children from underprivileged backgrounds, such as the H20 Training Programme which we have introduced in the Ferenc Molnar School in the ninth district round the corner from the distillery. The model of the distillery in front of the window was made by pupils at this school.  Already in the last century, Jozsef Zwack, the founder of the Company, gave generous support to schools and one of the best vocational training schools in the country has adopted his name . We also sponsor a charity providing guide dogs for the blind and the Every Child should have Enough to Eat Foundation as well as the Tuzolto children’s hospital.

The Company was among the first to issue a Sustainability Report, and    is very involved in environmental issues, recycling and energy conservation, while we are proud of the Greenest Office Award which we received in 2009. We are also very active in promoting responsible drinking. 

On the left side of the show case you can see a part of our present product palette and photographs of the Mentor courses held by our experts. The rest of the Company brands can be viewed and purchased at our Museum Shop.


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