In 2004, under the aegis of Sándor and Izabella, the Company developed Unicum Next as the drink of the next generation.  It is made in exactly the same way as Unicum but the bitter herbs are reduced and the citrus character enhanced making Unicum Next a fresh, easy to drink a herb liqueur. We export Unicum Next under the name Zwack Liqueur.

On the lower case you can see the recently launched Unicum Szilva or Unicum Plum, which is identical to the original Unicum except that it is aged on plums, giving it a rounded, velvety taste without losing any of its explosive flavour.  Unicum Plum is the first herb liqueur in the world to be aged on a fruit bed and was launched at the Vince Wine and Spirits Exhibition on 24th March 2012 during Hungary’s first ever Master Course in Bitters and Digestive Liqueurs.


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