In show case 3 are a number of important historical documents and instruments. Mark 2 is the certificate testifying that Unicum has been registered in the Trademark Registry.  After 1899, the Zwack Company  had to pay  a considerable sum each year to the International Red Cross Association for the licence to use the red cross on the label.
Mark 3 is a photograph  showing the founder of the Company  József  Zwack with one of his nieces and some family memorabilia.  József Zwack had four children and his son, Lajos, was to become a partner in the company and eventually his successor.
Photographs of the various distillery buildings are marked 4.
On the lower shelf of the show case in the foreground, you can see the document registering the foundation of the Company – Zwack J. és Tsa [J Zwack & Co.] – and on the left-hand side the Company’s application for the much coveted insignia: Purveyor to the Imperial Court of the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary as well as the coat of arms the Company could consequently display on all its products, while on the right-hand side is the certificate of the payment made for the use of this prestigious title.

The wooden box next to the show case with  the wood shavings and bottles show how liqueurs and spirits were transported in those days.


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