Show case 6 shows the progress of economic development together with mass production and a boom in the art of advertising at the beginning of the 20th century. The Zwack Company favoured  witty  advertisements with an immediate impact, the most successful poster, marked 1, being the Drowning or Water Man dating back to 1909 by Viktor Pachl . This poster has become a cult in Hungary and over the decades has often been used as satire and caricature as you can see by the different faces featured as the Drowning Man. 

In 1915, the ”General”,  Jozsef Zwack, the founder of the Company, died and his life achievement was eloquently praised by the obituary published in the trade journal Magyar Ipar [Hungarian Industry] marked  2. The management of the Company was taken over by Lajos Zwack, long a partner in the firm; his photograph, marked 3, can be seen on the lower shelf of the case. After his death in 1930, Lajos Zwack was followed by his two sons, Béla and János.


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