In 1993, the Zwack Company entered into a stock purchase agreement with IDV as OJSC (open joint-stock company) – International Distillers & Vintners Ltd., which has since merged with the Guinness Group to become DIAGEO – when the prestigious multi-national purchased  a 26% share in Zwack Unicum .  Some of the Diageo products exclusively marketed in Hungary by the Zwack Company can be seen on the top shelf while many more are on sale in our Museum Shop.

In 1993 the Zwack Unicum Company also went on the Budapest Stock Exchange.

You can see photographs of the Underberg family on the middle shelf, including Dr. Hubertine  Underberg Ruder who is Chairman of the Zwack Supervisory Board of Directors since 2006, pictured at the Opera Ball with Peter’s oldest son, Peter Junior.

In 1999, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original Zwack Unicum returning home, this special porcelain bottle from Hollóháza was made (see lower shelf).

On the right hand side of the case are photographs showing  day to day life in the distillery, P.R. events, Sports Days, celebrations and birthdays  together with a selection of the traditional Unicum gift boxes.


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